Packaged Water Solution

We have a state of art manufacturing facility to pack ionized-alkaline-mineral water in Noida. From this factory we pack 20 liters of water bottles in high grade BPA free containers. The water we supply is free from any artificial minerals and are establishing Gold Standard in drinking water.

We are the only manufacturer and distributor who packages 20 liter mineral water bottles and deliver at your door step. At this time our product can be ordered for delivery in Delhi NCR only.

Contact us to know your demand and we will be happy to assist you.

HUNZA Water is GOLD Standard in Drinking Water Industry

What’s the secret for perfectly pure tasting water? Our rigorous purification and Ionization process. Blessed with naturally occurring minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium etc, it acts as a natural antioxidant, An antidote to our urban stressful life.

We have taken utmost care of and around:

  • Collection of source water

  • Sand filter

  • Carbon filter

  • Ionization

  • Advance filteration

  • UV filteration

  • Ozonisation

  • Careful Bottling

  • Quality Control

Process Facts

  • Water is processed through 8 stages of rigorous purification that include

  • Strict Online process control system monitors quality at every critical step of the process to identify and eliminate contamination

  • Quality systems are followed as per standards laid down by Bureau of Indian Standard

  • Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Housekeeping Practice are our tag line of processing

  • Samples are drawn regularly and analysed in the in-house laboratory and external competent agency to check pesticide residue level, toxis elements and pathogenic bacteria

  • Tests are conducted to check the hygiene level of environment, equipment surface and efficiency sanitation

  • Jars and Bottles are washed through automatic machine where washing efficiency for the microbiological parameters are checked

  • Purified water and beverage is filled and capped and sealed in containers automatically

  • Every container is coded with Batch No and Date or Manufacturing and Expiry with inkjet coding machine

  • Packaged Drinking Water is not added with artificial minerals

  • We make dispenser also available with the large bottle in 2 different size

Quality Standards

  • As the plant is handling drinking water and beverage of internally acclaimed brands, we ensure that our products are safe and hygienic

  • 8 stages purification process ensures the strict quality control in our manufacturing process

  • Our waters are Pure for Sure and have cleared all 16 pesticide residual tests and guarantees purity in every drop

  • Our quality control systems strictly conforms to Bureau of Indian Standards Guidelines

  • At each point of our processing, utmost care is taken in handling logistics so that there is least wear and tear of the jar so that you get quality jar each time you buy from us

  • Carefully bottled in a food grade jar with no off taste or off odor

  • BEST Quality Water