We have a state of art manufacturing facility to pack ionized-alkaline-mineral water in Noida. From this factory, we pack 20 liters of water bottles in high-grade BPA-free containers. The water we supply is free from any artificial minerals and is establishing Gold Standard in drinking water.

We are the only manufacturer and distributor that packages 20-liter mineral water bottles and delivers them to your doorstep. At this time our product can be ordered for delivery in Delhi NCR only.

Process Facts

  • Water is processed through 8 stages of rigorous purification that include
  • ‚ÄčA strict Online process control system monitors quality at every critical step of the process to identify and eliminate contamination
  • Quality systems are followed as per standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standard
  • Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Housekeeping Practice are our tag line of processing
  • Samples are drawn regularly and analyzed in the in-house laboratory and external competent agency to check pesticide residue level, toxic elements, and pathogenic bacteria
  • Tests are conducted to check the hygiene level of the environment, equipment surface, and efficiency of sanitation
  • Jars and Bottles are washed through the automatic machine where washing efficiency for the microbiological parameters are checked
  • Purified water and beverage is filled and capped and sealed in containers automatically
  • Every container is coded with Batch No and Date or Manufacturing and Expiry with inkjet coding machine
  • Packaged Drinking Water is not added with artificial minerals
  • We make dispenser also available with the large bottle in 2 different size

Quality Standards

  • As the plant is handling drinking water and beverage of internally acclaimed brands, we ensure that our products are safe and hygienic
  • 8 stages purification process ensures strict quality control in our manufacturing process
  • Our waters are Pure for Sure and have cleared all 16 pesticide residual tests and guarantees purity in every drop
  • Our quality control systems strictly conform to the Bureau of Indian Standards Guidelines
  • At each point of our processing, utmost care is taken in handling logistics so that there is least wear and tear of the jar so that you get a quality jar each time you buy from us
  • Carefully bottled in a food-grade jar with no off taste or off odor
  • BEST Quality Water

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